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About Amwav

Amwav is a manufacturer and supplier of a broad range of standard and customizable RF and microwave components. We manufacture in strict accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 quality management system. We closely monitor the entire production process so that the quality of our products is guaranteed. Our products are subjected to acceptance tests and typically exceed these specifications, as well as those of the customer. In-house control of all manufacturing processes ensures expeditious processing of your order from the time we receive it, to the time we ship it.

Our customers are located throughout the world, including in America and across Europe. We provide a variety of services for these customers, including working with their concepts to design, develop, and produce customized products. Our products include couplers, isolators, power dividers, filters, PIN switches, variable attenuators and switch filter banks. We work hard to ensure convenient sales and delivery of these products to each of our customers, and to help them achieve their supply goals.

Our greatest goals as a manufacturer and supplier are to provide top quality products, excellent customer service, and prompt delivery at competitive prices.

For RF and microwave components made your way, think Amwav!